January 2020

Kristi gave a talk entitled "Insights into telomerase enzymology and chromosome end protection from in flask evolution experiments" at the Friday Lunchtime Seminar Series at IMB.

Lukas introduced his project to fellow SFB1361 members in a talk entitled "Molecular mechanisms of chromosome end protection in S. pombe"

October 2019

Welcome to Valentine Patterson, a Ph. D student, working on the GeneEvo project.

September 2019

Lukas Ende has joined our group as a Ph. D student. He will work on a project funded by the SFB1361.

June 2019

Peter was elected as an EMBO member.

May 2019

Congratulations to Cameron on successfully defending his thesis.

The DFG Research Training Group "Gene Regulation in Evolution: From Molecular to Extended Phenotypes" (GenEvo) has been approved. This Research Training Group will provide funding for doctoral students interested in evolution.

April 2019

Welcome U of O Student Welcome to our newest student from the University of Oregon Bioinformatics and Genomics Master's program, Phil.

December 2018

"The H/ACA complex disrupts triplex in hTR precursor to permit processing by RRP6 and PARN" was published in Nature Communications

February 2018

Read about our recent work on a highly conserved subunit of S. pombe telomerase in "Pof8 is a La-related protein and a constitutive component of telomerase in fission yeast" published in Nature Communications

January 2018

Alex, a PhD student, joins us in Germany through the International PhD Programme (IPP)!

October 2017

" The Second Known Tetraploid Species of Parthenogenetic Tetrapod (Reptilia: Squamata: Teiidae): Description, Reproduction, Comparisons With Ancestral Taxa, And Origins Of Multiple Clones" was published in Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology

May 2017

Maggie successfully defended her thesis. Congrats and best of luck in medical school, Dr. Pruitt!

Emily Nischwitz joined the lab as a summer scholar.

Rachel and Lili attended the 9th International Fission Yeast Meeting. Rachel gave an oral presentation entitled "RNase P, RNase MRP and Telomerase Share Protein Components in the Fission Yeast S. pombe" and Lili presented a poster on "The Cryptic Role of Rap1 Protein in Telomere Protection"

January 2017

Welcome to Tyler Fording and Aaron Odell! They join us from the Applied Bioinformatics and Genomics Master's Program at the University of Oregon.

November 2016

"Widespread failure to complete meiosis does not impair fecundity in parthenogenetic whiptail lizards" was published in Development.

October 2016

Peter was awarded a Humboldt Professorship

July 2016

Welcome to Dai Tsuchiya, a cytogeneticist who joins us from Indianna University

November 2016

"Widespread failure to complete meiosis does not impair fecundity in parthenogenetic whiptail lizards" was published in Development.

November 2015

"Human telomerase RNA processing and quality control" was published in Cell Reports.

September 2015

Congrats to new graduates Duncan, Morgan, and Rutendo!

August 2015

Congratulations to Maggie on being awarded an NCI fellowship!

June 2015

"Minishelterins separate telomere length regulation and end protection in fission yeast" was published in Genes & Development.

April 2015

Props to Maggie on passing her comprehensive exam!

January 2015

"Diverse mechanisms for spliceosome-mediated 3' end processing of telomerase RNA" was published in Nature Communications.

Also, kudos to Lili for successfully defending her thesis!

December 2014

"Neaves' whiptail lizard: the first known tetraploid parthenogenetic tetrapod (Reptilia: Squamata: Teiidae)" was published in Breviora.

Carl Zimmer wrote a piece about our Breviora article for The New York Times: The Strange Tale of a New Species of Lizard

Article on parthenogenesis from BBC Earth: Spectacular Real Virgin Births

November 2014

Peter and Aracely attended the HHMI Science Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland.

Aracely presented a poster on "Oogenesis in unisexual whiptail lizards".

September 2014

Peter and Allie attended the RiboClub annual meeting in Orford, Canada.

Allie presented a poster entitled "Inhibition of splicing affects human telomerase RNA biogenesis".

Also, congrats to the new graduate, Summer!

June 2014

Richard, Chi-Kang, and Li all attended the 19th Annual RNA Meeting in Quebec City, Canada.

Richard presented a poster on "Characterization of fission yeast tri-methyl guanosine synthase (tgs1)".

Chi-Kang presented a poster on "Quality control of telomerase RNA biogenesis."

Also, Aracely attended the Evolution 2014 meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Aracely gave an oral presentation entitled "Unisexual whiptail lizards find a loophole: how meiosis progresses in a species created through hybridization".

May 2014

Peter was the keynote speaker at the Canadian Symposium on Genome Integrity and Telomeres in Quebec City.

April 2014

Kristi, Maggie, and Lili all attended the EMBO Conference on Telomeres, Telomerase and Disease in Brussels, Belgium.

Lili gave an oral presentation on "A billion years of shelterin - conservation of interaction modules and the potential to form higher order structures."

Kristi presented a poster on "Influence of environmental factors on telomerase-independent survivor formation in fission yeast."

Maggie presented a poster entitled "In vivo selection for new telomerase RNA template regions in S. pombe."

December 2013

We wish Ram well in his postdoctoral appointment in the Ventura lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

October 2013

Peter spoke about "Biogenesis and Regulation of Telomerase" at the Mendel Lectures in Brno.

September 2013

Congratulations to the new graduates, Richard and Allie!

May 2013

Congratulations to Peter on being named an HHMI Investigator!

The lab had a great time on their camping trip to the Niangua River; click here for pictures!

April 2013

Lili and Elena both attended the Telomeres and Telomerase meeting in Cold Spring Harbor.

Lili gave a presentation on "Fission yeast telomere architecture and length regulation."

July 2012

Congratulations Dr. T! Wen Tang passed his defense with flying colors!

May 2012

Congratulations Lili on winning first prize in the Young Investigator Research Day poster competition.

April 2012

Congratulations to Evan and Li! Both passed their comprehensive exams today.

Our work on telomerase RNA biogenesis was published in Nature.

March 2012

Congratulations to graduate student Lili Pan! She passed her comprehensive exam.

Great job Aracely for being awarded the 2012 Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship.

Graduate student Wen Tang was awarded a travel fellowship for the 2012 RNA Meeting.

October 2011

Patrick Sung (Yale University) and Peter are organizing the Replication, Recombination and Repair Theme at the ASMBM 2012 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA from April 21-25,2012.

August 2011

We congratulate Aracely Lutes on passing her comprehensive qualifying exam.

July 2011

Congratulations to Ram Kannan on the award of a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association.

June 2011

Our work, "Laboratory synthesis of an independently reproducing vertebrate species," was published in PNAS as a "From the Cover" article.

Dr. Craig Moritz (UC Berkeley) wrote a commentary on our work on tetraploid lizards.

May 2011

Nature published a Research Highlight on our recent paper in PNAS.

Discover Magazine covered our recent research on unisexual lizards.